The Kingdom of Should

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The Kingdom of Should is a movie-length audio tale. It is an engaging story that will captivate and inspire children. The therapeutic soundtrack was designed to promote relaxation and learning. Children will enjoy singing and dancing with the entertaining and memorable songs. The story will honor the uniqueness of everyone in your kingdom and will be a family favorite for years to come.
The Kingdom of Should will teach acceptance of people who are different from what we expect them to be and will encourage people to be more compassionate and less judgmental of those who are perceived as different. As The Kingdom of Should demonstrates, people with greater challenges than most of us can rise above negativity and bullying, and become heroes.
The Parent/Teacher Guide will help parents of children who are homeschooled with the following educational concepts. It will encourage their children to appreciate diversity, explore characters, and share feelings.  Children will be able to draw conclusions about the characters' interactions, learn about their own peer group or family‚Äôs interests, and reflect on the various messages in each song.  They can have fun role playing, developing social thinking skills, exploring and using new vocabulary to discuss and write about the various themes in the story. Finally, they can draw, color and do hands-on activities to encourage innovative and creative exploration.
The story will provide glimpses into autism, diversity, bullying, gluten free diet, behavioral optometry, optometry, and music therapy, and encourage further exploration of these topics.
The Kingdom of Should will also help promote hands on, real life, interactive learning for ALL children.

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