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Published on December, 2014 | My name is Rebecca Kochenderfer and I am the Senior Editor of The creators of "The Kingdom of Should" have asked us to review their product, so today I will be reviewing their two CD's.


★★★★★ "I couldn't seem to "turn off" my mind from the day and the worries about tomorrow. Sleep was impossible. I've never enjoyed music or TV for going to sleep, finding all media distracting. With this CD, I'm able to clear my mind and focus on relaxing. The music is soothing and comforting. I'm happy to hear this works for children who have issues -- I'm a 60+ year-old-woman and find Dreaming In The Land of Can therapeutic for my restlessness." -Donna

“I see a difference using the cd. He tends to be more calm and when having a tantrum will go listen to it.” age 10

“Upon using the cd I found my son was able to unwind in bed and would hum the tune played. It was relaxing for him and allowed a predictability to his schedule he embraced.” age 11

“I really enjoy it, and find myself cuddling with him a little longer just so I can listen to the cd.” age 11

“I used this cd to promote calming activities and it worked well.” age 11

“Absolutely love it!! It even worked when we had to go out of town for a family emergency. Usually she would have been up all night, so it’s amazing!! Thanks so much!!” age 5

“The music soothed her and she fell asleep much easier and started sleeping the entire night.” age 8

“Thank you so much it has benefited my son and the family we all are having a good night sleep.” age 10

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